deneť black
Denee’ Black is from Charlotte, NC and is currently residing in Raleigh, NC. She graduated from North Carolina State University, School of Design with a degree in Graphic Design. She has since studied at Penland School of Crafts and Pocosin Arts. She has shown work at Visual Art Exchange, Labourlove Gallery, 311 W Martin Galleries, Rebus Works and Green Hill Center for NC Art.

I recreate the way that I see my surroundings on a daily basis: in contrasting, bold blocks of shapes and saturated colors. I sometimes envision entire live spaces and moments as complete works of art. At other times, a single object or form, removed from its surroundings, may be the subject of my work. These visual ‘snapshots’, whether based on my daily surroundings, moments captured, or single objects, are then translated into mixed media pieces. Having a background in graphic design, I create paintings that celebrate both art and design.